Robi Service Boot Robot 2018 Launched By Bangladesh

By   February 5, 2018

Robi Service Boot Robot 2018 has been launched last week. Multinational Mobile phone operator Robi launches a cloud-based artificial intelligence called Robi-Service boot. Intelligent Human Wide or Service Robot. Service boot was inaugurated at the Robi Corporate Office Experience Center on last month.

Introduce of Robi Service Boot Robot 2018

Mr. Mahtab Uddin Ahmed, CEO of Dodhoni Company and other officials were present in inaugural ceremony. Robi – Service Subot has been designed to appoint the company’s Certified Sales and Service Center based on Robi’s innovative ‘robotics-as-a-service’ model.Robi Service Boot Robot 2018

These robots will do things that can provide better services to customers and users without direct interaction with the people. These Human ways are suitable for technology service providers, phinecates, retail, healthcare, hospitality and other services sectors.

View of Robi Service Boot Robot 2018

Users can control Robi Service Sub-suits with the help of Robi built-in audio-visual features and HD cameras with manual control using private mobile devices through cloud systems. You can download the private cloud system from Apple Store or Google Play. The Robi Sub Soft operating system provides data encryption and advanced access control for data protection. Robi has worked with a hi-tech research organization to use cloud-based AI platforms, which results in the Robi Service Subot.

Robi MD and CEO Mahtab Uddin said, “Inaugurating the Rob-Services Meet with an Artificial Intelligence clearly proves that Robi is moving forward to establish as a digital company. We are proud to be able to offer customers more quality services through Robi-Service boot as a customer center company. We believe that by the hand of these services, a new horizon will be introduced in the service of the citizens of the next Digital Bangladesh.

About of Robi Service Boot Robot 2018

Regarding the introduction of Robi services in Bangladesh. Robi Head of Information Technology Asif Naimur Rashid said, “Such robots are working in the developed world as well. so why not in Bangladesh? The image of service sector in Bangladesh can change our Robi- Service Subot.

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