Facebook To Create Satellite Source By FCC

By   April 12, 2019

Facebook To Create Satellite Source By FCC. Recently Mark Zuckerberg announced like this news for Facebook users. For this satellite users can be easily internet service for daily activities.

Facebook To Create Satellite

It seems that Facebook has been making Internet satellites. They have undertaken a project to create an artificial satellite that can provide broadband Internet services in the remote areas of the world. This is known from the information provided the Wi-Fi magazine to the FCC(Federal Communications Commission).Facebook To Create Satellite

According to the Freedom to Information Act Request, some e-mails have been executed between FCC and Facebook from 2016 to 2018. Of these,there was mention of small applications for Athena satellites in the mail sent by Facebook in 2018.

Facebook To Create Satellite News by 2019

Earlier this year, the company has been spreading rumors that the FCC is working on another satellite project. IEEE publishes information from Athena satellite, indicating that the information on Facebook satellite creation is made. It is, however, certain that Facebook is really concerned about the satellite project. Since Weird has told Facebook about the Athena project. However, they didn’t disclose anything more about this.

Earlier, Facebook started thinking about satellite technology. In 2016,in some parts of Africa, the social media used to use the satellite to think of reaching the internet service. But they were retreating from the thought of a blast during an experimental launch of a SpaceX rocket launch.

In the areas of the world which are deprived of broadband Internet services, social media has invested a large amount of money to reach the internet. A few days ago, Facebook used the name Aquila drone to take full advantage of Internet service, which has been ending at the beginning of this year.

As well as implementing Facebook ‘Connect the World’ mission, connecting the remote regions of the world to the internet is part of their business strategy. Although their number of users is more than 200 million,they have to take refuge in their new strategies to attract new users to increase their business.

When to be To Create Facebook Satellite?

By trusted source we know that very soon will be started this processing. This announced has been lat year. For to be gets update news of Facebook to create satellite with us.

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