Mangal Shovajatra At Now In Google Doodle

By   April 17, 2019

Mangal Shovajatra At Now In Google doodle. The day of Noboborsho 1426 the life of the Bengali people. Pohela Baishakh 1426. Globally Bangla speaking people are enjoying the formalities of religion and caste people, and the Bengali New Year.

Mangal Shovajatra At Now In Google Doodle

The most popular search engine that has been included in this event is Google. From Google search page on Google ( or ) you will see an animated photo of a mall rally,so that the participating men and women walking together with a tiger portrait.Mangal Shovajatra At Now In Google Doodle

Google logo has been painted on red-yellow red tigers. In this way Google today greeted the Bengali people with the new year’s greetings. If you want someone to share this doodle through social media. A share button has been added for it.
The special type of logo show on Google’s home page is Doodle. On any given day, Google remembers the day as a doodle change. Before that, Bangladesh’s Independence Day, Victory Day, Birthday of poet Shamsur Rahman, Birthday of Begum Rokeya,Humayun Ahmed’s birthday, Google has changed their doodle and honoured them.

On March 26,2013,on the 43rd Independence Day of Bangladesh, Google posted a doodle on their search page for the first time.

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