Kata Dur Public Transport App | Launched 17 December 2017

By   January 31, 2018

Kata Dur Public Transport App 2018 launched by BRTC. Bangladesh launched Mobile App service ‘KATA DUR’ in public transport. In modern technology new apps of Kata Dur is a good initiative. Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation this initiative so praising.

About of Kata Dur Public Transport App

Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) and Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) officially launched digital mobile app service in Public Bus to bring discipline in the public transport system of densely populated Dhaka metropolitan city.

BRTC has launched mobile app called ‘Kata Dur’ to reassure the passengers and to eliminate all the hassles of public transport. The word ‘Kata Dura’ means How far. Country’s leading IT companies ‘Business Automation Limited’ and ‘Ideation Technologies Solutions’ are developed the mobile phone based app “Kata Dura”.

Kata Dur Public Transport App

Road Transport and Highways Division’s secretary Mr. Nazrul Islam and Syed Ahmed, Executive Director (DTC) and, BRTC Chairman Farid Ahmad Bhuiyan inaugurated the service on 17 December, 2017 in the city’s Motijheel BRTC bus depot.

This mobile app

is for passengers of Dhaka Metropolitan area. With the help of this app, people can observe the position and the speed of different buses in a certain time. Whoever can be known the current speed or the estimated time (ETA) of the buses coming towards their current location or a bus stop. Initially, this service is available in BRTC AC buses bound for Dhaka’s Motijheel from Abdullahpur. In phases the app service will expand in the buses of other routes of Dhaka city.

Route info of Kata Dur Public Transport App

Kata Dur Public Transport App cn be use a certain route. Primarily this social app to be activates a certain route. Without these Kata Dur social app not be activate. Certain route information given below-
Route Abdullahpur to Mothijheel.

Passengers will be able to see through the app, how many passengers have in the next bus, along with the possible time to get to the bus stop, and the passengers can also see the images of the traffic congestion. The app will also help you to get a seat on the bus or in front of any stops, the app will help passengers. As a result, if the passengers want, can also take the bus with the seat from the next or previous stop.

Apart from, through “Kata dur app” passengers can get an idea about the bus routes, traffic congestion’s, gathering of passengers in the bus stoppage and the time it will take to reach the destination.

Road transport and highways division secretary and BRTC chairman said in the opening ceremony the ‘Kata Dura’ App service, the journey of digitization has begun to bring discipline in Dhaka’s public transport system, it will be continued.To implementing the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ dreamed by the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, BRTC will be adding new technologies. In phases, in the next few days, this service will be available in BRTC bus of other routes .

Managing director of Business Automation Limited Zahidul Hasan, Director Bazlul Haque Biswas and Shoaib Ahmed Masud and top officials of the respective organizations were present at the inauguration ceremony. Know more information visits official website of Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation.

Few services of Kata Dur Public Transport App

  • Observe the position and speed of the bus at the moment.
  • Possible time to reach the bus stand.
  • Passengers can also know the traffic congestion.
  • How far to next bus stand?

Know in Dhaka already launched Auto Rickshaw Ride Sharing App Hello. Day by day we gets technology support. By this technology can easily our daily life. Kata Dur Public Transport App is one of them. In future of our life we gets more ultra modern technology just like this app. So share it and read Kata Dur Public Transport App.

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