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By   February 11, 2018

Hike New Social App 2018. Actually Hike is a messenger app. By this app you can video call, voice call and to others chatting every time. Five years ago Hike has been launched. We know that Hike initial released on last December 12, 2012. Day by day Hike will be popular of this users. All news collected from Hike Messenger Official website– www.get.hike.in.

Hike Messenger 2018

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular communication medium. However Hike is becoming aggressive to overtake WhatsApp. Hike, Facebook’s competitor introduces a new Android version named ‘Total’ app. Through this app users can communicate with others and be able to collect information, including messaging, even different bills can be paid by this app without any internet connection.Hike Messenger 2018

In fact, people who are still out of internet, Hike want to include them in Hike’s own services. Hike made a plan to bring 4 Mobile phone sets with “Total” software by next March. By Total app, sending messages reading magazines, buying bus tickets and watching cricket scores can also be possible without internet connection.

About of Hike Messenger 2018

In this case, Hike used a technology in “Total” that works differently from any general wireless network. Hike is planning to bring a new smartphone together with Indian Phone Manufacturer company “Intex Technologies India Limited” and “Karban Mobile”. These smartphones will cost between 3,500 and 5000 rupees.

Users will be able to enjoy the “Total” service by starting this new device using a phone number. This new initiative will enable to bring more than 100 million people under mobile services.

By this, to connect with the wireless network, cost will be less than any conventional medium. Hike already has more than 10 million users. Hike’s founder and CEO Kevin Bharti Mittal said there are 40 million smartphone users in India. But among them actively internet users are fewer than half the number. We want to completely reduce this difference. We are going to make the Internet easier for them. To make the Internet easier for these people, we are doing something that will bring a radical change.

How to download Hike Messenger 2018

Which are regularly used internet; we confirmed that they are know Hike Messenger. Many of times few users are worried. Where and how to download Hike Messenger. Called to them, you can easily install Hike Messenger by using your internet. Firstly going to Google Play store and search Hike Messenger. I confirmed that you gets easily this app. When you find app, then download and install it. And used comportly. Below we mentioned download link of Hike Messenger.

Download app:

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