6 lakh Freelancer Get Virtual ID Card

By   October 9, 2020

Bangladesh Government recently decided that, Recognize all freelancers in the country. For this sequence, Information, and Communication Technology Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak said that Very soon the Government of Bangladesh will implement this program.

Freelancer Get Virtual ID 2020

Our State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak, said that young freelancers were our main artisans. They are the power of youth who led the country from prosperity and labor-dependent economy by using our talent and technology-based economy.Freelancer Virtual ID Card

He also added that the government will take his best initiative to upscale our Freelancers.

On Sunday, September 20, while attending a function which is organized by Upwork on Freelancing Careers in Bangladesh, The State Minister declared this.

Our State Minister Palak said, that about six and a half lakh freelancers will be given virtual cards in a few days. Because After the training, the IT department has taken various effective steps to mentor freelancers who are able to take the ID card.

By using this card freelancers can introduce themselves. They will also get bank loan assistance and priority in high-tech parks said our State Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak. He added that according to the demands of freelancers at this time government will take all their efforts to bring PayPal service in the country.

Mahfuzur Rahman, General Secretary of Freelancer Society Development Society, and Fahimul Karim, Top Rated Freelancer spoke on the occasion.

Bangladeshi freelancer wants more opportunities from the Government. If the Government gets more opportunities to freelancing, we think that they are strong contributors to our Socio Economy.

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