Bitcoin’s Advertisement Is Banned On Facebook

By   February 20, 2018

Bitcoin’s Advertisement Is Banned On Facebook 2018. At now in whole world trends topic is Bitcoin’s Advertisement Is Banned On Facebook. A few days ago Facebook Authority declared Bitcoin’s advertisement fully banned of Facebook.

Bitcoin’s Advertisement Is Banned On Facebook

Facebook has banned advertising of virtual currency Bitcoin. Facebook has been advised that their doors are always open for developing technology. But many companies are not honest in buying and selling virtual currency. And that is why they made such a decision.Bitcoin's Advertisement Is Banned On Facebook

Facebook has said that no financial products or services of confusing or fraudulent advertising can be given on Facebook. Under this policy, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency

are included as well as prohibition of advertisements for sale of coins.

Why Bitcoin’s Advertisement Is Banned On Facebook?

By the end of last year, the price of Bitcoin suddenly started to rise. And because of this many people started showing interest in bitcoin. But some people have been misled by the fraud and have disappeared. The report was published in different media.

Bitcoin’s journey started in 2009. Satoshi naakamoto pseudonym or some software developer launches a new type of virtual currency or ‘cryptocurrency’. Whose name is Bitcoin It is a direct exchange between two users online through electronic. It is possible to deal with this method without expressing its identity.

About of Bitcoin’s Advertisement Is Banned On Facebook

The entire process of Bitcoin is completed online through an open software, say to the server that the transaction is secured. Bitcoin is made through miner. As soon as a transaction is completed, new Bitcoin are produced. Bitcoin transactions are done from customer to customer’s computer. There is no controlling organization to control it. All Bitcoin processes are completed through an open source software online.

Anyone can produce Bitcoin through Bitcoin Miner. The process of generating Bitcoin is always predictable and limited. As soon as Bitcoin is produced it is stored in the customer’s digital wallet. If this reserved Bitcoin is sent to the account of another by the subscriber, a unique electronic signature is created for this transaction, which is monitored by other miners and is secretly protected in the network. At the same time the customers are updated to the current laser central database. Courtesy: Google and BBC News.

Bitcoin’s Advertisement Is Banned On Facebook 2018

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